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The Howe family have looked after us very well for many years, always fitting in our last minute requests and offering very competitive pricing. We’re a very busy wedding venue, and the service they provide is central to it functioning well. Our guests happily going about their business with one less worry for us.

- Bill Hutchinson, General Manager, Sandhole Oak Barn

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    Waste & Drainage Specialists for Cheshire

    When the drain needs unblocking or the septic tank needs emptying, Macclesfield homes and businesses trust John Howe.

    What waste and drainage services do you offer?

    Our jet vac tankers (and the experts who operate them) unblock and maintain pipes, drains, traps and sewers. They also empty, clean and maintain cesspits, sewage plants and septic tanks. 

    Are you registered?

    Of course! We are registered with the Environment Agency and abide to the general binding rules. All the waste we collect is disposed of responsibly at the United Utilities facility.

    Are my drains blocked?

    The two classic signs of a blockage are:

    • Bad smells, and
    • Slow-draining water

    The bad smells are caused by organic matter trapped and decomposing in the pipes or drains. You may find the smell gets worse when you run water as it disturbs the bacteria.

    Blockages in pipes and drains mean water cannot drain as quickly as it would normally. This may be accompanied by a gurgling sound as air which cannot escape past the blockage is pushed back up the pipes. In severe blockages, water may stop draining completely.

    It’s important to act on these signs. Blockages don’t clear themselves, and the longer you leave it the greater the risk of an overflow or damage to the pipes. 

    Does my septic tank need emptying?

    Septic tanks and sewage plants come in all shapes and sizes. A typical domestic septic tank will need emptying and servicing at least once a year.

    Do you handle domestic or commercial waste and drainage?

    Both. Our tankers are big and powerful enough to handle any drainage emergency. That’s important, because although commercial kitchens, offices and factories will typically have many more waste trapping measures in place (oil separators, grease traps etc) larger premises will often have more silt and rubble within the drains. Over time, that material can pack tightly together, increasing the risk of blockage. 

    Where do you operate?

    We’re based in Sutton near Macclesfield but you’ll find our fleet of jet vac tankers working across Cheshire.

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    We’re ready to help. For domestic and commercial waste and drainage issues, please talk to us.

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