We can supply, install and service your sewage treatment plant We are registered with the Environment Agency, and abide to the general binding rules, so you can be sure that all the waste is taken away to the United Utilities facility to be disposed of correctly. Our Services Our Products

Our Services

Our Jet-Vac Tankers

Drain blockages, cesspits and septic tanks: cleaning, emptying and unblocking them is all made easier when you have a powerful jet vac tanker.

High pressure jets break down even the most stubborn blockages beneath domestic and commercial properties. From grease and non-flushable wipes to debris, sealant and grout that form ‘plugs’ as hard as rock, our jet vac tankers break them down, resolving drain and pipe overflows and preventing bursts.

Our vacuum services empty septic tanks and sewage treatment plants and suck up the silt and debris from grease traps, gullies and drains, before disposing of it all ethically and sustainably.

To bring the power of our jet vac tankers to your Cheshire home or business, please get in touch.

Septic Tanks

Your Cheshire septic tank needs more than regular, essential emptying. It needs cleaning, maintenance and servicing too if you are to avoid leaks, blockages and (very) unwelcome overflows. Most domestic septic tanks need emptying once a year – if it’s longer than that since your tank was emptied, it’s time to call us!

Talk to us and once our state-of-the-art jet vac tankers have finished pumping out the sludge and slurry, we’ll ensure the tank is clean, safe and free from damage. Then, as we’re registered with the Environment Agency and abide to the general binding rules, we’ll safely and sustainably dispose of the contents at the United Utilities facility.

Call us about your domestic and commercial septic tank cleaning in Macclesfield and Cheshire.

Grease Traps

The grease trap is an essential part of your commercial kitchen or food manufacturing plant’s drainage system, but you need to keep the trap clean through regular maintenance. Without servicing, grease traps can clog your waste system, causing overflows and nasty smells from the rotting sludge locked in the trap.

Your grease trap will stop being efficient when just a quarter full. So don’t wait for it to be overflowing before you call us in. Do it regularly and keep your kitchen drains operating efficiently and odour-free.

Talk to us about domestic and commercial grease trap cleaning and maintenance in Macclesfield and Cheshire.

Sewage Treatment Plants

The typical domestic or commercial sewage treatment plant isn’t a simple cesspit. It’s home to living, breathing organisms essential to breaking down the waste material collected there. So when it comes to emptying, cleaning and maintaining your sewage tank, it’s essential to work with someone who understands the delicate chemistry involved.

At John Howe, we’ll clean considerately, avoiding harsh detergents that can shock the system. We’ll manage the maintenance to repair any damage from items that shouldn’t have found their way inside. And when pumping and emptying your tank, we’ll ensure all sewage is disposed of ethically and sustainably.

For sewage treatment plant cleaning and pumping, talk to us.

Drainage Work

John Howe is Cheshire’s drainage clearing specialist. In domestic properties our high pressure water jetting can clear even the most stubborn of blockages in drains, waste and stack pipes.

Our commercial drain cleaning services clear the silt, grease and debris that can build up and affect sink and toilet waste systems, while our drain maintenance and remedial work ensure bigger issues – from intruding tree roots to damaged and shifting drains – don’t have a chance to cause wider (and costlier) damage.

If you notice your water is slow flowing, don’t leave your drains to block and burst. For emergencies – and to avoid them – talk to Cheshire’s drain cleaning experts.

Servicing and Maintenance for Tricel Novo Sewage Treatment Plants

Regular maintenance is required on an on-going basis to ensure that the plant is working correctly , and this is the responsibility of the homeowner.

This would come in an Annual basis which is available form ourselves.

Installation Service

We as a company (John Howe Ltd) undertake all aspects of the installation work from Initial Site Inspection, Quotation and then Installing the Sewage Treatment Plants, Septic tanks and Grease traps.

We are a fully Accredited Installer and Supplier for Tricel UK Ltd and all work is undertaken by ourselves and we come with a vast amount of knowledge and experience. If we can help in any way then please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email or phone.

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