Drainage Work We are registered with the Environment Agency, and abide to the general binding rules, so you can be sure that all the waste is taken away to the United Utilities facility to be disposed of correctly.

Drainage Work

John Howe is Cheshire’s drainage clearing specialist. In domestic properties our high pressure water jetting can clear even the most stubborn of blockages in drains, waste and stack pipes.

Our commercial drain cleaning services clear the silt, grease and debris that can build up and affect sink and toilet waste systems, while our drain maintenance and remedial work ensure bigger issues – from intruding tree roots to damaged and shifting drains – don’t have a chance to cause wider (and costlier) damage.

If you notice your water is slow flowing, don’t leave your drains to block and burst. For emergencies – and to avoid them – talk to Cheshire’s drain cleaning experts.

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