Jet-Vac Tankers We are registered with the Environment Agency, and abide to the general binding rules, so you can be sure that all the waste is taken away to the United Utilities facility to be disposed of correctly.

Jet-Vac Tankers

Drain blockages, cesspits and septic tanks: cleaning, emptying and unblocking them is all made easier when you have a powerful jet vac tanker.

High pressure jets break down even the most stubborn blockages beneath domestic and commercial properties. From grease and non-flushable wipes to debris, sealant and grout that form ‘plugs’ as hard as rock, our jet vac tankers break them down, resolving drain and pipe overflows and preventing bursts.

Our vacuum services empty septic tanks and sewage treatment plants and suck up the silt and debris from grease traps, gullies and drains, before disposing of it all ethically and sustainably.

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